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Since 1978 I have been creating innovative and elegant wicker products from my studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My dedication to wicker as an art form through quality wicker work assures you that the items offered in my portfolio are one‑of‑a‑kind creations. Each piece was specifically designed to enhance the character of the materials used in its construction. These materials ‑ reed, fabric, metal, wood, and glass ‑ are the finest available.

An exciting addition to my reed weaving is Sumi‑e, traditional Japanese brush painting. I have had the honor of studying with the Sumi master Reiko Ito Shellum, from 1988 - 2015. The paintings shown in my portfolio are the result of her teachings.

Reed Weaver services include:
• The careful repair and restoration of wicker and rattan
• Stripping, refinishing, painting of wicker and rattan
• Cane, Rush, Splint and Danish Seating

Please call or email for appointment and directions to the REED WEAVER studio.

Minneapolis, MN 55424, USA 


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